BRC Staff and Board

Executive Board

President -Janet Hastings (Term June 2023-May 2025)
Vice President – Suzanne Rossin (Term June 2022-May 2024)
Treasurer – Wanda Osborn (Term June 2022-May 2024)
Secretary – Johncie Carlson (Term June 2023-May 2025)

Communication and Social Media – open position (Term June 2023-May 2025)
Librarian – Marie Krug (Term June 2023-May 2025)
Publicity – Sarah Langland (Term June 2022-May 2024)
Social Affairs – Liz Triplett (Term June 2023-May 2025)
Production – Jonathan Brick (Term June 2022-May 2024)

Music Team
Music Director: Melanie Bolas
Chorale Accompanist: Brittany Bache
Asst. Director/Accompanist: Kathy Pellegreen

If you have questions for the Board President:
[email protected]