Fundraising Projects

Fundraising Projects – Spring 2020

As a community chorus, we strive to always be accessible, keeping costs  to our members and our audiences as low as we can.

We rely on concert ticket sales, fundraising events and donations  from our community to cover operating costs.

You can help by attending our concerts, donating to the Chorale and supporting our fundraising events. 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We have several exciting opportunities coming up this Year!

If you would like to support the Chorale here online, you have several opportunities!


If you would like to support the Blue Ridge Chorale, you have several opportunities!

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates – Order on-line before March 2nd, 2020. Orders will be shipped directly to your address of choice.  All orders will be delivered between March 3rd and April 13th, just in time for EASTER.  Click on the URL below to start shopping for these delicious candies: “CANDY SALES” 
  “Review the Candy Brochure”
Reference Organization ID# 702617 and Seller Name Blue Ridge if needed. 


The following books, written by members of the Blue Ridge Chorale, are available for purchase both online and at our concerts. To purchase online, please email Price $25.00 each –   All books sold at concerts will be signed by the author!

Image result for we escaped family's flight ter weele

“We Escaped: A Family’s Flight from Holland during World War Two”

Author Dr. Alexander H. ter Weele – a longtime member of the Blue Ridge Chorale

This is a true narrative of a family that is part of the rapidly fading “Greatest Generation” and a reminder of the history and horror of WWII. The book is a selling well and Alex is regularly invited to speak of the saga of his family’s flight to safety.

“Poems from the Blue Ridge”

Author Dr. Alexander H. ter Weele – a longtime member of the Blue Ridge Chorale

“Poems from the Blue Ridge” can be read by the lighthearted side of your brain, or explored by the profound thinker in your psyche. The illustrations can be equally amusing or upsetting, depending on the reader’s interpretation. There are poems for the child in your heart and for the scholar in your intellect. A small book stuffed with joy and packed with meaning.

“Poems from the Blue Ridge” are a work of art. Indeed, two works of art in a single volume. On the one hand, a compendium of poems–inspiring poems, complex poems, playful poems–and on the other hand, a collection of sketches–inspiring sketches, complex sketches, playful sketches. The reader will return to these pages time and again to contemplate the art of
the written word and to appreciate the art of illustration.

Price $25.00 each –   Email: to purchase online